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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply to the provision of services by rma.net and the use of those services by subscribers and others using the rma.net web site. These terms and conditions of the User's licence, the copyright notice and the disclaimer are accepted and agreed by the User in its access to and use of the rma.net site.
In this agreement:

1. rma.net means the Internet site at:
www.rma.net.nz or
www.rma.net and
its management thereof and
includes RMA Net Limited;

2. Licenced User means any person whose normal place of work or employment is a Licenced User Site.

3. Licenced User Site is a user site holding a Username and Password which licenses it to enter the Registered User area of rma.net.

4. User means any person accessing rma.net or using its services and includes any Licenced User.

5. User Site means a single physical location having a separate street address that is an office or workplace of the User.

License to Use
The Licenced User agrees that its access to rma.net is a licence to gain access to HTML pages and PDF documents and associated databases at rma.net and/or to receive regular email publications depending upon the type of subscription or access arrangements. A single Access Code covers a single User Site that access may be gained from. The Licenced User undertakes to ensure that persons do not gain access to rma.net, or receive the regular email publications unless their normal workplace is a Licensed User Site. The Licenced User undertakes that no information within rma.net will be provided to any person outside of the Licensed User Site in electronic or printed form, with the exception of:

1. short excepts from material from rma.net to be included in correspondence and reports, or
2. materials used for legal proceedings; 3. entire legal decisions to be tendered in electronic or printed form to any Court as part of legal proceedings.

The User acknowledges the copyright of rma.net in the format and appearance of rma.net including but not limited to the appearance of:

1. frames;
2. "wallpapers";
3. buttons;
4. graphics;
5. logos;
6. site maps;

and the User covenants that at no time will he or she either for his or her own use or for the provision to any other party, download or capture in whole or in part such format and appearance in such a way as to technically allow re-use, or adaptation.
Subscription prices for access to rma.net and for receipt of regular email publications are at an annual rate payable in advance. Monthly invoicing for decisions and synopses viewed/downloaded is available to selected customers. rma.net reserves the right to alter or vary the prices for any of its services subject to:

1. Giving at least one (1) month's notice of any price increase; 2. Only altering the price of any existing subscription on that subscription's renewal date.

If payment is not received by the due date, rma.net reserves the right to immediately and without further notice suspend its services, including locking the Licenced User out of the rma.net site and ceasing delivery of email publications.

The User acknowledges that reference material contained at rma.net has been electronically processed and is intended to provide accurate information concerning the subject matter with which it deals.

While rma.net attempts to ensure the accuracy of the material on the site, rma.net cannot and does not guarantee that the electronic version of any material on the site will be free of errors, complete or identical to the original source, or authorised version, of the information.

Further, rma.net will not be subject to any liability in respect of damages arising out of the use of or reliance upon any of the contents of rma.net or any aspect of the software or production, by any User.

rma.net does not guarantee that rma.net or any part of it will be available for access continually, or at all, or at any times and shall not at any time or times be responsible for any break-downs or degradation of speed of access or any other problems in respect of access to or operation of the rma.net site, however caused.


With the exceptions listed below, all material on this site is copyright to RMA Net Limited. 2005 - 2020.

All copyright and other intellectual property on this site is reserved by its respective owners and licencees subject to the following permitted uses only:

1. The material may be downloaded and cached for the sole purpose of viewing in a web browser but for no other purpose or use.
2. No material may be printed without the prior written permission of the copyright holder or its authorised licencee. Permission is given to electronically store and print decisions of the various Courts held on this site - see below.

The graphic files "logo_small.gif", used on all HTML files on this site, and "logo_large.gif, used on the home page, are copyright to RMA Net Ltd 2005 - 2020.

While there is no copyright in decisions and judgments of any Court (s.27 Copyright Act 1994), the electronic files containing decisions and judgments do include additional material which is copyright to RMA Net Limited.

The use of the electronic files (ending in ".pdf") is limited to downloading, caching and storage for viewing.

The only electronic transmission or distribution of these files that is permitted is within the User Site or in conjunction with judicial or government (including local government) proceedings.

Any third party (other than a judicial or government body receiving them as part of proceedings) that acquires any file from this site other than as a User has no right to store, print, use, transmit or distribute that file.